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Qu’il s’agisse de suivre les tendances les plus modernes en termes de planification, de répondre à des questions actuelles sur les matériaux et méthodes d'exécution de salle de bains ou encore de solutions spécifiques à des certaines branches pour le domaine sanitaire : KEUCO s’engage comme le partenaire de nombreuses initiatives spécialisées et est régulièrement présent aux salons les plus intéressants.

KEUCO at ISH 2017 in Frankfurt 

Products "made in Hemer" fascinate international visitors at the world's leading trade fair for sanitary facilities 
From 14 - 18 March, 2017 the world's leading trade fair for sanitary facilities, heating and air conditioning, ISH 2017, was held in Frankfurt. KEUCO, an internationally active, full premium bathroom furnishings provider with headquarters in Hemer presented its new products and features there. "ISH is without a doubt the world's leading trade fair for sanitary facilities, so it is the ideal platform for new products and innovations," says Hartmut Dalheimer, Managing Director of KEUCO GmbH & Co. KG.  
At ISH this year KEUCO's presentation focused on three areas; in the area of fittings and accessories, the internationally successful PLAN collection is seeing the addition of PLAN S fittings. PLAN has always been characterized by consistency. An example of this can be seen in the way the angled spout is used as a design element in all PLAN S fittings. Combined with this is the rectilinear PLAN washbasin and bathroom furnishings series.  
KEUCO's IXMO fittings unite innovative technology with minimalistic design. Based on the "less can do more" principle, multiple functions are combined in a unique way in impressively small modules. The new IXMO SOLO fitting establishes a clear and tidy overall picture in the shower. It combines the single-lever mixer and the hose connection in one module, so no further water-conducting elements are required for a complete shower solution. That translates into more planning freedom, but also a minimum in installation work. Now the IXMO world is coming to the washbasin, and KEUCO presents a fitting that combines the wall outlet and single-lever mixer in only one element. This gives the wash area a luxurious, tidy appearance.  
KEUCO also presents a large selection of new mirror cabinets, all equipped with sophisticated technology and innovative LED lighting. The new models will impress with intelligent lighting concepts, multiple light sources, and the highest-quality materials. 
KEUCO products have the tendency to generate enthusiasm on the world stage. According to Hartmut Dalheimer, Managing Director of KEUCO, this is clearly demonstrated by figures of the previous year, "Looking back on 2016 I can say that KEUCO and the industry are looking healthy indeed. The excellent quality and workmanship of "made in Germany" continues to be well received among customers around the world. We again forecast an increase in sales for 2017 at KEUCO, both nationally as well as internationally." 
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