EDITION 11 Luxury porcelain accessories of an artistic nature 
Decoration plus function at its best 
Lovers of accessories and ornate individual items can celebrate: with the freestanding porcelain accessories of the EDITION 11 range, KEUCO has developed luxury porcelain accessories that, like objets d'art, draw your gaze to the bathroom.  
Larger bathrooms with storage spaces are particularly appropriate settings for grand gestures, for example, in the form of powerful, decorative elements with a distinctive look – and preferably functional at the same time. As artistic statements with a practical background, the free-standing accessories of the EDITION 11 range are the answer to the bathroom that exudes the exclusive charm of haute couture. They radiate power and size and, with their high-quality matte porcelain, embody sense and sensuality. The unglazed porcelain is individually produced in a complex and meticulous process in Meissen. 
In total there are four porcelain accessories for to choose from. They exert their special appeal in the bathroom when combined together: a soap foam dispenser, a universal pot, a tissue dispenser and a dish. 
The soap foam dispenser in particular becomes an all-round tactile experience thanks to its creamy foam. The tall porcelain pot offers space for various items and your toothpaste and toothbrush can be perfectly concealed in it so that you cannot guess its contents from the outside. It has the appearance of a very high quality and decorative accessory and looks great in any minimalist bathroom. Owing to the tapered and unusual shape of the tissue dispenser, one is unsure as to what it might be at first glance. The porcelain dish is ideal for storing jewellery or watches. The minimalist design and high-quality porcelain, with that "Made in Germany" quality are evident when you catch sight of all the luxury porcelain accessories belonging to the EDITION 11 range for the first time.  
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